7 Reasons Why You Need a Self-service Tenant Portal

self-service-tenant portal

What is a self-service tenant portal? It is a website that enables tenants to get and provide data. Portal users can perform some activities like submitting relevant data to property managers, changing their account information or even paying bills. In this blog, I will list the reasons why the self-service portal can improve your property-management business efficiency. Here are 7 advantages of a self-service tenant portal for both property managers and tenants.

What’s New on Soft4RealEstate in Q1, 2016?


We care about our customers’ success, so we develop Soft4RealEstate commercial property management system constantly and once in quarter we let the world know about new Soft4RealEstate functionality and benefits for the property management companies.

9 Things You Need to Evaluate Before Purchasing Your New Property-Management Software

Real Estate Software selection

So the time came when you think about changing your property-management system? But do you know what business issues need to be addressed when choosing new property-management software? Some of the business issues are essential, so you need to address those first when thinking about your new software features; some software features might seem nice to have, but you need to evaluate them thoroughly. So, do you know what you need to consider in order to choose the right and relevant software for you?

TOP 10 Characteristics of the Successful Real Estate Agent


Perhaps every real estate agent at least once in a while questions himself “why is it not selling?” or wonders why somebody is making a fortune and others doing the same job, in the same area can count their closed deals on the fingers of one hand. So, what it takes to be a successful real estate agent? What characteristics do you needd to have in order to call yourself successful?

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