Commercial Property Management: What to Expect in 2016? Trends and Tendencies.


Time is passing imperceptibly. Yet another year has passed, and we are already well into 2016. It is no secret that the commercial property-management industry is not changing very much. However, every year brings with it something new, something different… Meaning: new challenges lie ahead, which we have to be prepared for. The most important thing is to know which direction to take in order not to regret your decisions. So, what we can expect from 2016 and how to prepare for that?

7 Circumstances in Which You Need to Say Goodbye to Excel for Your Property Management


Changes are not easy. However, at some point in your property-management business, someone may ask you, or you yourself will feel the question deep inside: “should we keep managing our properties with Excel, or is it time to switch to a more complex property-management software system?” You are not the only one asking this question. In this blog, I will list 7 circumstances in which it’s time to change your software from Excel to a more complex property-management system.

What’s New on Soft4RealEstate in Q4, 2015?

New on Soft4RealEstate

We care about our customers’ success, so we develop Soft4RealEstate commercial property management system constantly and once in quarter we let the world know about new Soft4RealEstate functionality and benefits for the property management companies.

6 Critical Things to Consider when Choosing Software as Service

6 Critical Things to Consider when Choosing Software as Service

Software as a Service is changing the software world today. Every year you see increasing number of companies bringing cloud based software solutions to the market, instead of or along with on-premises solution they offer. It is really difficult to decide which one to choose for your company or your own needs. Therefore, you need to know what to look at when deciding between one or another type of software solution. This blog article will explain the differences between one or another and hopefully helps you to make the right decision.

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