In order to use the Soft4RealEstate software beyond your 21-day free trial, you need to start a paid subscription to Soft4RealEstate services. We then bill you every month, every 6 months or yearly for the service. Here is an overview of Soft4RealEstate billing procedures. If you have any questions, please e-mail us at

Set up billing during your 21-day free trial

When you sign up for Soft4RealEstate, you receive a free 21-day trial to try the Soft4RealEstate services. To continue using the service after the trial period expires or to add more users so they can use the same database, you should send us the Paid Service Order form and pay for the services. You can do this at any time during your Trial Period. You will not be charged until your free trial expires or you add more system users.

Soft4RealEstate Paid Plans

There are three dimensions when it comes to the Paid Plans.
1. The Soft4RealEstate functionality you want to use. You can see the plans per functionality on our Pricing page.
2. The number of users who will use the Soft4RealEstate system. You can add or remove users every month. However, the subscription fee is calculated for the entire month, and it does not matter on which day of the month the user started using the software.
3. The term for which you are ordering the subscription services: 1 month, 6 months or 1 year. Semi-annual and Annual Plans provide significant discounts for the subscription and service fees, compared to monthly subscription.
Once placed, your Order is non-cancelable and the sums paid non-refundable.

Means of Payment

You can pay for your Soft4RealEstate subscription using PayPal, major credit cards or by wire transfer.

Automatic Monthly Payments

When you set up billing for Soft4RealEstate, you specify a payment method (PayPal, credit card or wire transfer) to pay for your service. You will be charged for the services that you will use during the following month. You are charged for the entire month; it does not matter which day you start using the Soft4RealEstate services. The payment for the following month’s service must reach our account before the last day of a current Service month, otherwise your subscription will be suspended and you will not be able to continue to use the Soft4RealEstate services. Please keep in mind the transfer terms, especially if paying by wire transfer.


You will receive the invoice at the e-mail address indicated in the Order Form before the 10th day of the month you are paying for.

Adding and Suspending Users

No matter which Paid Plan you are on, you can easily subscribe more users by sending us the Order Form indicating your company and the name and e-mail of the persons you are adding. Your monthly subscription fee will increase to cover the additional users’ fee.
If you would like to suspend a user, you should send us the Order Form indicating your company and the user name you want to suspend. This is important for security reasons, so that ex-employees would no longer have access to your business information.
Please note that if you are on the Semi-annual or Annual Plans, you can suspend users; however the amounts paid are non-refundable. You can add new users without restrictions for a special price valid for your Agreement.

Renewing the Semi-annual and Annual Plans

If you are on the Semi-annual or Annual Plan, you can update your Billing settings to renew your contract automatically at the end of the year. Alternatively, you can opt to switch to the Monthly Subscription Plan once your contract ends.
Do not let your Semi-annual and Annual Plans expire, or your Soft4RealEstate subscription service will be suspended!

If Your Account Has Been Suspended

You can prevent your account being suspended by keeping your primary payment method up to date and ensuring that you pay for the upcoming month’s services by the end of the current month. If your service is suspended, you can lift the suspension by fixing your payment method and paying off your balance. Database and user restoration fees may apply.

Cancelling your Subscription Plan

If you no longer want to use the Soft4RealEstate Services, you can cancel your Soft4RealEstate subscription at any time. Soft4RealEstate Services that are ordered will Auto Renew for additional Services Periods unless (i) You provide Soft4 with written notice at no later than ten (10) days prior to the end of the applicable Services Period of your intention not to renew Soft4RealEstate Services, or (ii) Soft4 provides you with written notice no later than ninety (90) days prior to the end of the applicable Services Period of its intention not to renew such Cloud Services, or (iii) the payment for the next period of ordered Services is not completed before the period starts.
All the Soft4RealEstate Subscription fees paid are non-refundable.