We are improving Soft4RealEstate solution constantly, so that our customers can benefit the most and increase the efficiency of their property management. If it is important for YOU, it is important for us, too! So, you are only one quarter away from:

  • Moving to NAV 2016, which means, less mistakes, because before every accounting operation you could preview it; less human errors – using workflows you could do any sequence automatic; extract tabs, switch companies or languages and much more with improved Web Client… That is just a beginning!
  • More reports:
    • Property occupancy report – Property Occupancy History report will be divided into 2 sections (area and percentage) and will show property occupancy by lease type

    • Unit vacancy report – this report will show available units at a specified date, also it will show pending lease agreements for those units. Summary of report will show total vacant area and percentage of vacancy.

    • Property comparison report – This report allows you to compare cash flow of selected properties. You will be able to see amounts per service per property.

  • And more…!